BioPhotoFestival 2019: Evening projections

Friday, September 27- H 09:00 pm

“Bewitched by the beauty of the Estonia” - 9.30 min.

“AQUA, mysteries of the underwater world” - 4.30 min.

Water, source of life, mother of all creatures on the planet. A journey through the shapes, colors, lights and behaviors of water creatures with images of Pietro Formis, taken from his recently published book.

“Asferico Contest 2019” - 10.30 min.

Images of the authors finalists for the thirteenth edition of the international competition announced by AFNI, the association of Italian nature photographers.

"Like a caress" - 5.0 min.

Any environment, even ordinary at first sight, can reveal its beauty if we consent to gently rest our eyes on it ... like a caress.

“Shapes in the air” - 4.40 min.

Can a large group of living beings become an art form?

Free entry