BioPhotoFestival 2018: Evening projections - free entrance

Thursday, September 27

21:00 - 22:30

Projections evening - free entry
Opening Festival with the guest Luca Bracali (Italy)
Theme: "Travel & Nature"

Planet Earth. A world to save” - 35 minutes,

Planet Earth. A world to save is the project title that includes the publication of a book, a photographic exhibition and the creation of a video: precious and suggestive images that tell the natural world, its colors and its kaleidoscopic complexity, on a fascinating journey through oceans and continents, exotic landscapes and aurora borealis, from Alaska to Burma, to New Caledonia. The beauty of photographs strikes the heart of observes, offering the opportunity to reflect on of vital importance theme: the protection of our planet and its fragile ecosystem.

Luca Bracali has travelled to 140 countries, is author of 13 books and winner of 11 prizes in International photo contests. Since 2008 he is a member of Apecs (Association of Polar Early Career Scientists) for his contributions about environment published in the media. In 2009 he was the only reporter to reach the geographic North Pole on skis. In 2010 Bracali debuted in the world of fine-art photography and his pictures have been on show, as solo exhibitions, in 50 museums and galleries in Rome, Sofia, Kiev, Odessa, Copenaghen, Montreal and New York. Tv director of Rai 1 since 2011 and documentary-maker for Rai 2 and Rai 3, Bracali published 14 reportages on Nation­al Geographic. The Minor Planet Center in Cambridge has entitled in his name the 198.616th asteroid discovered.

Friday, September 28

21:00 - 22.30

Evening of projections naturalistic - free entrance

Teme: "Nature".


  • “Under the sky of Abruzzo​” - 10 minutes

It's the provisional title of a documentary that will tell the green heart of central Italy with different eyes. Bears, wolves, chamois and eagles but also centenarian forests and mountains of stones and silences. A closed and proud nature, capable of surviving for thousands of years very close to the places that made history. Ten minutes of video images to present a preview of the aesthetic project and the intentions of the documentary and its author.

  • ConRaSi – a LIFE project for three endangered species.​ - 32 minutes

In Sicily, for three species of birds of prey, the future is uncertain. But while for one of them, Bonelli's eagle, there are some timid signs of recovery, for the other two, Egyptian vulture and falcon, the situation becomes more and more worrying. To shed light on the causes of this decline, WWF, Gruppo Tutela Rapaci and the Sicilian Region have set up a LIFE project funded by the European Community. Will they be able to avert the disappearance of the three species? It is the story of a collective effort. A race against time to prevent the disappearing of an eagle, a falcon and a vulture from the skies of Sicily. 32 '.

Marco Andreini is a director and author of documentaries mainly of a naturalistic nature. Active since 1994 has made 21 documentaries for public entities and national and international television networks. Author of documentaries for the television broadcast Geo - RAI 3. Winner of prizes in the major Italian film festivals of naturalistic cinematography "Stambecco d'oro 1997", "Film Festival di Sondrio 2007 and 2013", "International Film Festival di Cogne 2012". The documentary "The best of all possible worlds", made together with Paolo Fioratti, was purchased by 17 international television stations, including ZDF and Al Jazeera, and a Japanese version transmitted in prime time on the NHK public channel .


  • Marco Dian (ITA) - "In the land of volcanoes​ - Canarie" 7.20 min. -

  • Diana Crestan (ITA) - "Predators of the microcosm" immagini di Emanuele Biggi e Francesco Tomasinelli - 4.30 min

Saturday, September 29


Multivision realized with semifinalist images at the BioPhotoContest 2018 photo competition dedicated to Bioma: "Prairies, steppes and savannah".

by BioArt visual association - free entry