1 - Adressee.

The competition is open to anyone, amateur or professional, of any age and nationality.

2 - Entry fee.

The entry fee is € 30,00 for each participant: payment online via Paypal, bank transfer or cash to be attached with the entry form and the list of image.

3 - Accepted images.

We accept a maximum total of 20 images:

  • Digital images from scanned slides, in minimum size of 4.000 px or larger. The jury reserves the right to request the original slide for winning submission. Should the original not made available, the submission will be disqualified.
  • Digital images RAW + TIFF / JPEG of high quality.
  • Digital editing is only acceptable if limited to minor cleaning work, levels, curves, colour, saturation and contrast work. The faithful representation of what you saw at the time of the shot must be maintained. Compositing and multiple exposures are not allowed. It is allowed to create a panoramic image file type by combining two or more files. Sharpening is allowed. Cropping is allowed up to a maximum of 20% for each side, but please be mindful of the effect of cropping on file size (minimum 3000px on the long side).

The original capture as it was recorded by the camera with no manipulation applied RAW or DNG will be requested, under penalty of disqualification, including those that compose the "stich".

4 - Entry method.

  • Post - Digital photos of high quality must be submitted on CD or DVD in three separate folders: a) RAW format; b) TIF or high resolution JPEG format; c) low resolution JPEG format larger than 1920 pixels width or 1280 in height, not enabling to exceed these values for preliminary judging.
    The files must be named with the author’s last name and progressive number (for example: marson_01.tif).
    Technical data and shooting location of the images must be included in the list of the images with the name of the author or on metadata.
  • Online - For on-line entries, initially only a preview file in JPG format has to be uploaded on this website after you have signed up .
    The longest side of each image must be 1920 pixels. This value is absolute and must not be deviated from and the image cannot exceed 3 MB. The technical data, name of subject and location where you took the image will have to appear on the metadata. In case of photos submitted exceed the selection; you will be contacted via e-mail where you will find the guidelines to upload raw files and the files at high resolution.

5 - Not allowed photos.

Photos of domestic animals are not eligible, and also cultivated plants, sandwich photos and digitally adulterated images. Images of animals in captivity are not allowed.
Images that already won a prize in other competition are not eligible. (i.e. images that won a first, second or third category prize).

6 - Rights.

All the rights of the photos must be of author’s property, without bond of agency or publisher.

7 - Place of publication.

The organizers reserves the right to publish the winning and commended images in its magazine, in the photographic book, on the web site, or in possible promotional folders and calendars or to display them in photographic exposition, concerning the competition and, if the organizers deem it necessary, mentioning the author’s name of the images.

8 - Winners notification.

There will be a pre-selection of the images by a commission charged by the organizers.
Winners and commended photographers will be notified in June 2018. The results will be published by July 2018.

9 - Photos responsibility.

All entries are sent at the photographer’s risk. Images submitted in CD/DVD format will not be returned.

• • •

New deadline: April 06, 2018

Download the regulation in pdf